Trip Cancellation Insurance Waiver

"Art Tours by Amy" is a dba of Walking Softly Adventures, Inc. We strongly recommend that you purchase trip cancellation insurance in order to protect your travel investment. We suggest that you purchase your insurance through Allianz Travel Insurance.

Please note that trip cancellation/interruption insurance from Allianz provides you with the following benefits:

I. Reimbursement for non-refundable payments or deposits you make (up to the amount you select) including:

a) Cancellation penalties you incur due to injury, illness or death of you, a traveling companion or family member.
b) Funds you may lose due to the bankruptcy or default of airlines.
c) The value of the unused portion of your trip if your trip is interrupted.

II. Coverage for emergency medical expenses up to the amount you select including:

a) On-the-spot deposits and payments that may be required by hospitals for your admittance.
b) Personal health insurance deductibles and co-payments.
c) Medical transportation. (Note that many health insurance companies provide limited overseas coverage, and Medicare provide no coverage outside the U.S.A.)

I have been advised by Art Tours by Amy of the availability of trip cancellation insurance offered by Allianz Travel Insurance, and I have consulted the Allianz website ( to review the insurance products available.

I acknowledge that Art Tours by Amy has strongly recommended that I purchase trip cancellation insurance and that I may purchase such insurance either through Allianz, or another insurer. I further understand that the specific terms of any coverage I may purchase are established by the insurance provider and not by Art Tours by Amy.

I am electing to purchase trip cancellation insurance
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I am electing NOT to purchase trip cancellation insurance. I understand that if I cancel, trip cancellation fees, as described below, will apply. I further understand that, in accordance with Art Tours by Amy trip cancellation policy, I could forfeit all or part of the amounts I paid for an Art Tours by Amy trip in the event that I cancel the trip for personal or family illness, or other reasons.

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